Hi there! My name is April and I’m a mid-western corporate working, side hustling mama, wife, daughter, friend and animal lover. There is a ton of adulting to be done, but I also need something for myself that I very much enjoy – a hobby I suppose? .I am extremely passionate about health, wellness, fitness , self-love and family, so I took to Instagram late last year creating a story, that lead me to my side hustle and now Iā€™m taking it a step even further with this site! So exciting and scary all at the same time!

Over the last year I set out on a journey to be a happier and healthier person. Did I know I was when I started? No, it just kind of happened. In the last 15 years is when I really wanted to include health, fitness and wellness into my life, but I did not always go about it the right way. I have experienced many crazy ups and downs with my health, self-image, confidence, work, family and place in life. Through these experiences I have gained so much knowledge, but did I ever really do anything with it? No, didn’t seem like it. Then came 2020. As we all know – did NOT start off too great, but that year was a turning point for me. I can honestly say despite the obvious – it’s been a pretty great year for me and my family. I feel happy, content, confident, optimistic about my business and worthy of good things.

Because I feel so great I want to share, interact and inspire people to “Become Whole” and really live their best lives. Here you will find information all based on experiences – favorite workouts, recipes, mental well-being, consultations and product suggestions, body transformation stories and really just a peek into my life which is probably a lot like yours!

Thank you for getting to know me a bit! So much more to share and I’m looking forward to doing it with you!

with Health and Happiness šŸ˜˜