I want to welcome you all to my first ever blog!  This is a very exciting thing for me as I have always loved writing and sharing, but was never confident enough to do it. 

So who am I?    My name is April.  I am a working mother of two beautiful babes (well, they’re 5 and almost 8 already!) and have been married to my husband, Adam, for 11 years.  We also have three fur babies that keep us busy 🙂  I wanted to start this blog, frankly, because I need a hobby!  I need something for me – often times I find myself giving and giving and giving….which I love to do, but it’s also nice to have a little something for yourself,  right? 

My passions are health and wellness (mental as well as physical), my family, animals of all kids and lifting others up.   I’ve been on a journey this last year to really “find myself.”  Cliché , I know, but it’s the truth!  I have to say once I let go of some things and really became my true self again  – I’ve been living a happier life both professionally and personally.  Has it been hard?  Yes.  Is it still hard?  Yes.  Am I still working on myself daily…yes!  Difference is now I’m just having much more fun doing it.

What are you going to find while getting to know me through cyberspace? You will find healthy tips and resources, product recommendations, recipes,  workouts of all kinds, encouragement, motivation, inspiration AND silly, goofy and HARD life stories written from experience.

I adore the idea of bringing people together. People who can be open and relate to each other. I have years and years of “me” built up to share – I hope you join (and bare with) me as I dive into this.

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