Transformation Tuesday. Challenge Complete.

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday! I know – transformation Tuesday original? No. Relevant and flows? Yes.

Today I will be highlighting moi. Not something you would have seen a year ago ; hell, six months ago! But you know what – if I want to inspire, encourage and grow my confidence – I need to put it out there.

How it started

Today marks day 32 of my 30 Day Prove-It Challenge that my husband and I completed together. We both agreed at the end of 2020 we needed a health reset for the family. Mindful eating for not only us, but our two children. You see – my husband is a bit of a junk food junkie and me? Well, I often look or present myself as a healthy person and I am for the most part – eating pretty well, lots of exercise and physical activity, but in reality. I wasn’t putting the right things in my body and most definitely not at the right time.

We committed to each other and we went for the Prove-It challenge which incorporates whole, real, non-processed foods with supplements tailored to our own individual health goals. Using these supplements is actually what led me to my side hustle that I am loving! We spent a good amount of time preparing and talking with each other on how we were going to stick with this and also include the kids – introducing them to new foods and healthier versions of the food they already enjoy.


There was A LOT that went on during these 30 days + , but for today, I want to get to the good stuff! The husband is not a fan of photos, sharing stats, etc, but I was able to get the weight change out of him. His long term-goal is to lose 50 lbs. In these last 30 days he’s lost 20! He’s actually kicking himself now that he didn’t take pics or measurement 🙂 When it comes to me – I was looking at cleaning up bad habits, putting more nourishing things in my body, cutting out the things that were hurting my body AND I wanted to actually SEE what my strength workouts have been doing for me. Ever hear of abs are made in the kitchen? Well – I”m here to tell you Very true. I work out religiously, but did’t get the results I wanted or thought I should be getting until I chose to improve my diet.

Check out my before and afters! Day 1, Day 7 and today (day 32).

And you guys – this isn’t just about numbers on a scale or a tape measure – our mood, outlook, sleep patterns, aches and pains have ALL improved. Biggest thing for the husband was…..wait for it….his snoring has reduced by at least 50%! AND his overall mood and demeanor and playfulness with the kids is just a breath of fresh air! For me, I struggle with joint pain, sciatica, insomnia and an anxiety disorder, just to name a few. All have improved since really taking control of my health.

Now what?

I’d love to share more with you. What we ate, what supplements we took what we did for physical activity…. What was difficult, what was simple and what we’re doing now. Head over to my “I want to hear from you” page – let’s keep this thing going together!

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