Routine shapes the day

Rise and shine it’s morning time! How many of you are that perky when you get up? I am some days, today was not one of those days, but because I had my routine of what gets me on the path to a successful day, it was easy for me to turn myself around. Here are a few tips on getting your routine started and what I do with mine.

Get up

Obvious, right? But there’s more to it than that. For instance you want to get up around same time each day; within 10 minutes I’d say. Especially if it’s a day where you need to do things at a specific time. The longer they lay there, the more irritated your’re going to be because you now don’t have enough time to pack in everything you need to in your busy schedule. For me this is around 5am and I try VERY hard not to smash that snooze button. Example – husband was a bit flustered and cranky before he left for working this morning because he his his snooze one too many times – not a fun way to start your day. A while back I learned a very effective tip from motivational speaker, author Mel Robbins. When you know you need to get up count backwards from 5. 5…4…3…2…1….. LIFTOFF! That’s going to help spring you out of bed because that’s the exciting way to launch a shuttle and in this case yourself. Try it.

Must-dos first

We all have certain things we need to do in the morning especially if we have children or pets. Take care of their needs first because if you don’t….guess who will me interrupting your “me time” which comes next? First thing I do is let the woofers out (my 2 dogs) because Lord knows I don’t need any accidents to clean up in the morning. Then it’s time to feed them and the cat along with giving them all their supplements. Yes, even my animals take supplements! I mean, they’re family, right? Then it’s on to the kids. They are early risers so typically they’re up. My are young – almost eight and five – so they still need guidance in the morning. I make sure I get their breakfast ready so they can eat OR they eat when they do get up. My son for example, my son has a protein smoothie every morning Either chocolate pumpkin or chocolate peanut butter. I get that made up and put it in the fridge. Now my daughter is up with me about 98% of the time in the morning and she is HAN-GRY! So I set her up with whatever she’s feeling that day. From there I tell her (every morning) okay, I’m going to workout; I need you to please wash up, get dressed and brush your teeth as soon as you’re done eating before you watch a show you like or play on your tablet for a bit before school. This has been routine enough for her in the last year that she does a great job at following directs; however, I do need to repeat myself every day and not just expect her to know what to do. Easy peasy.

You time

We finally made it to some time for ourselves! And when I say time for ourselves I don’t mean rush around getting ready for work, doing the laundry, dishes, vacuuming (yes, I’ve been known in my past life to vacuum at 6am). What mellows you out? What is something that feels good to start your day with? Is it sitting down with the newspaper? Is it reading through affirmations? or maybe it’s sitting in your room, in the quiet while sipping on a cup of coffee or tea writing in your journal. For me, it’s working out. Now that the must-dos are done, I can go down to my basement and get a good workout in with minimal interruptions. And I make myself do it even if I’m not really feeling it that day – why? Because the endorphins you release during a workout are Ah-mazing! Really get those happy vibes going to start the day. After that it’s protein , greens and supplement time to re-fuel my body and keep those happy vibes going. Head over to my SHOP page to see what I use on the daily.

On with it

Now it’s time to move on with the rest of your day! Whether that’s a continued routine or maybe it’s different day by day, at least the hard part is done – you’ve gotten up and laid a foundation. Your mind and body knows exactly what to expect and will welcome the reassurance of a routine. Having even just an hour of stability in your day – totally worth it.

I want to know

Do you have a morning routine? What do you do for your ‘me time.” I want to know! And if your answer is nothing then I hope you’ve gotten a few ideas to start implementing as soon as tomorrow – and THEN tell me about it 😘

3 thoughts on “Routine shapes the day

  1. I actually really like that countdown from 5 to get out of bed! I feel it can actually be effective and get your brain cranking for the day. Such a little thing, but I can definitely see that helping! Great post girly💗


    1. Thank you!
      I have to admit – when I started counting backwards and “blasting off” to start my day I felt pretty silly, but you’re right. It’s the small things that we don’t think about that sets the tone for the day.
      Try it and tell me about it 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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