Leucine you say?

Many of the products I’m currently using has something called leucine in it. Sounds fancy and good when you see it written on the packaging, but what is it really? Me being a person that needs to know ‘all the thing’ wanted to know before I hopped on the leucine train. Here’s a quickie of what I learned and why you should care about having leucine in your diet.

What it is

Leucine is a Branch Amino Acid. If you’ve been around the gym or supplement stores you would have heard them referred to as BCAAs . There are many pre and post workout powders out there that tout BCAAs because they aid in the build and repair of muscles. They are something that our bodies cannot make on its own; however, they are available in food sources. Why are we talking about leucine specifically today? Because some research suggests it is the most important BCAA of them all.

What it does

  • Regulates blood sugar (think craving control)
  • Improves healing time (who else is clumsy like me?)
  • Assists in producing growth hormone (cell repair and regeneration, some say “fountain of youth” hormone)
  • Muscle recovery (so you don’t feel like a Mack truck hit you after your workout)
  • Improve strength in older adults (no one is getting younger here!)
  • Weight control (everyone’s fave) – it increases the body’s response to leptin; a hormone that regulates the appetite

Where can I get this?

Many of the products I use and some whole foods, have the leucine that I need. A few of my faves are:

Check out other easy, on the go choices here within the 180 line of products

  • Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Brown rice
  • Soy beans

And now you know!

Hope this brief education on leucine was helpful! Tell me, from the above list, how will you be incorporating more leucine into your diet and why?

Resources: webmed.com; pws.shaklee.com/aprilk

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