5 direct to market products I am LOVING

As the pandemic became more and more real last year I noticed more and more people gravitating to direct marketing businesses. Some joining companies because they were trying to figure out how to make ends meet, some because they had more time to focus during shuts downs and some I think because they always wanted to; however, with that silly stigma that goes along with it, they didn’t do it, but now seeing so many others doing it….well, they thought why not?

As I saw this happening I decided I was going to make a commitment to engage and support these businesses. It really is no different than buying from your local coffee shop, boutique or grocery store. This is a time where many people need help and if I can help by purchasing products then that’s what I’m going to do. I remember back when I tried out direct sales with a couple different companies and I honestly did not have support – most recognizably from friends and family. And you know what? That sucks! Over the last five or six months I’ve found many new companies and products that I really love! Here are just a few that I want to share with you all today.

1. Dream on Dreamer Journal

This was one of the first things I purchased. I knew I needed to have some sort of outlet to really just “brain dump” in the morning or evening. I had started on regular notebook paper and scrap paper here and there, but then it didn’t continue. When I saw this journal I was like okay, I am going to buy a dedicated journal, that’s pretty, and it will hopefully motivate me to keep writing. You know what? It did the trick! Sits on my nightstand to be grabbed at any time and it’s just a constant flow of writing. Aside from that – this company’s mission is just beyond amazing in my opinion.

2. Me+ology

This is the product that gave me the itch to give direct marketing one more go. Did you know you can get PERSONALIZED supplements? Yeah, me neither! I don’t know about you, but personalized anything really speaks to me – especially when it comes to health and wellness. Everyone’s body and mind is different, so it’s silly to think we should all be taking the same things. I took a quick quiz that a friend of mine sent me, got my recommendations, tried it for a month and I was hooked! I paired this with an adjustment in my nutrition – also recommendation from this same friend – and I can’t tell you how much better I have felt. Energy, mood, stress management, ease in ailments specific to me…. #winning

3. Ergonomic Toilet Brush

Yes, you read that correctly. A toilet brush made my list. But you all – this one is the bomb and here’s why. It dries quickly in it’s holder so no stagnant toilet water sitting at the bottom or on the brush, my bathroom doesn’t smell like pee any more because my brush isn’t gross , it has an extra little pieces built in to get up under the rim better AND it looks pretty darn good sitting next to the toilet. Now when you get your be sure to get one for each bathroom – it just makes sense. You’ll thank me later.

4. Super-Chocolate

Healthy habits are important to be, but so is chocolate!  This is why I rarely cut it out entirely from my diet, allowing myself to have that craving and satisfy it is actually what helps me stay on track.    Why is this chocolate special?  Because it is clean, includes components that could help with metabolism, lower in calories and most important,  it tastes good! Dark chocolate with mint, dark chocolate tangerine and milk chocolate peanut butter are ones to not miss!

5. Mineral Rich Peeling Gel

An exfoliating dream. As a person that has struggled with blackheads my entire life from a young age I’m always searching for a good exfoliating product. Also works great on my rough, disgusting feet! Why do I love this in particular? Natural, safe, non toxic chemicals. Never tested on animals and my favorite part? You can actually see it working. Totally legit – I need to get you all a video.

I have more on my list that I want to try – will be trying. I’ll be sure to share! Make sure you let me know if you try any of these – love to hear what you think. Happy shopping, supporting and trying new things!

with health and happiness – April😘

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