Protein Pancakes

Pancakes are kind of a big deal in our house. Our kids LOVE them. Like seriously; I think they would eat pancakes for every meal if we let them! My husband makes these AH-MAZING homemade pumpkin pecan pancakes….but that’s not the receipe I have for you today; Sorry! I’ll see if I can share his secrets another day.

Now, when I think pancakes I think…might as well have a donut. Full of sugar, no nutritional value. You see – I’m the boring parent and the husband is the cool fun one who buys donuts and ice cream. I want my kids to enjoy these things, in moderation of course, so I’m always trying to figure out a healthier alternative that they still enjoy. This is what lead me to my protein pancakes.

Last weekend I randomly whipped these up using my knowledge of healthy foods and flavors and I have to say….turned out pretty good! I even have a video testimonial from my 5 year old daughter – we went live as she took the first bite – huge risk with her!

Now that we have mama and kiddo approval I‘m ready to share; please enjoy!

What you need

Let’s do this!

Mix all your wet ingredients until smooth – hand mixer not necessary. Add your dry ingredients and mix well – batter will be a bit lumpy due to the oats. If it seems too thick then add a little bit of water until at a consistency you are happy with. Now add the dark chocolate (optional) or other mix ins! Blueberries, walnuts, bananas….anything you can think of. My personal favorite is dark chocolate and bananas. It’s good; trust me!

Now all you need to do is cook them as normal on your stove top or griddle. I would advise cooking at a little bit lower heat than normal and let it take a little big longer only because these pancakes get thick! You may even find yourself manual spreading out the batter which I have to say is awesome if you like to make your pancakes in different shapes – better control of the batter. We often go for the Mickey and Minnie look

There you have it! Pretty easy, satisfying and a more healthy option than your average pancake. We either have ours plain or topped with pure organic maple syrup. Mmmmmm…….

As always please let me know when you try them! So curious as to how these turn out for others and what YOU think.

with health and happiness – April

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