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Hi there! I’m April Renae. My passion and interest of all things health, wellness and fitness are at it’s peak! I want to share, I want to inspire, I want to help people reach their own personal goals. Most of all….I just want to spread joy and have some fun!

Eating healthfully

I get this question a lot, “April, I want to start eating healthier, what do I do?” Now that is a huge question that usually prompts other questions for me about goals, lifestyle, likes/dislikes, etc. We can get pretty down, dirty and specific when you’re ready, but if you want to get started and then […]

Protein Pancakes

Pancakes are kind of a big deal in our house. Our kids LOVE them. Like seriously; I think they would eat pancakes for every meal if we let them! My husband makes these AH-MAZING homemade pumpkin pecan pancakes….but that’s not the receipe I have for you today; Sorry! I’ll see if I can share his […]

5 direct to market products I am LOVING

As the pandemic became more and more real last year I noticed more and more people gravitating to direct marketing businesses. Some joining companies because they were trying to figure out how to make ends meet, some because they had more time to focus during shuts downs and some I think because they always wanted […]

Dessert smoothies

Dessert smoothies are totally my jam right now. I’m always looking for a way to make decadent things healthy and virtually guilt free. I’ve found that smoothies have been the easiest way to do this so far. I am a self proclaimed awesome baker of delicious treats; however, whenever I try to alter them and […]


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