Healthy shopping

I want to highlight some of my fave products that I use and love from the company that I represent and trust. There is so much more than this, so please ask questions! If there is a specific need you are trying to meet I may have a solution for you. My favorites and recommendations are based on personal and customer experiences. Click on the item name to learn more. Check back often for new adds or reach out to me!

Favorites for healthy eating

Organic greens
A staple in our household. 1 small scoop is a whole serving of veggies – mix into your life shake and you’ve got a well rounded meal.

A staple in our household. High protein, low sugar, organic and multiple flavors. Choose from plant based or soy.

Meal bars and snacks
Perfect for a quick meal or snack if you didn’t have time to prepare or are lazy like me! Many flavors of each – I highly recommend the chocolate chip and chocolate coconut bars.

Weight management kits/bundles

Prove It Challenge
What finally got myself and my husband on the healthy train! Ask me about our experience and how to get started.

180 kits
Multiple bundles to choose from that you can customize to support you on your weight loss journey

LifeShake pack
My entire family of four loves having protein smoothies for breakfast and sometimes dinner, so this pack is the most cost effective for us



Take a quick 10 min. survey and the super fancy algorithm spits out what will work best for your body and goals. Best part? The supplements are in daily packages with your name on it! No need for multiple containers.


Not all vitamins are created equal! Here you will find the right one for you based on gender and age. Also has an option to get without vitamin K if that’s something you need to keep an eye on due to blood thinning medications you may be taking

Stress and mood

For most of us these days, managing stress and mood is part of daily life. Here are a couple items that can take the edge off daily stressors.

Aging well

I don’t know anyone that’s NOT interested in looking and feeling their best as they mature in life. Starting a daily regiment early can help! Here you’ll find a few things to get started with.


We all need extra immunity support these days. That’s how we can keep going to reach our goals! Give yourself a leg up by adding these to your daily regimen

Children’s Nutrition

Our littles need to be taken care of too! Choose something that’s right for them